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A CLE Presenter is an individual law firm attorney who can upload to CounselCast any original CLE-accredited video programs in which he or she appears as a presenter, whether individually or as part of a panel. Register as a CLE Presenter if you intend to join an existing CounselCast subscription within your law firm, or if you intend to designate someone else within your firm to pay for a new CounselCast subscription.


Register as an In-House Viewer if you are employed full time as an in-house attorney at a commercial enterprise or non-profit organization and you want to view free, high-quality CLE video programs tailored to your unique needs and interests on CounselCast. As an In-House Viewer, you can view any CLE programs uploaded to CounselCast, make public comments on any program and ask questions of CLE Presenters privately. You can also obtain free CLE credit for programs you complete in full. Only attorneys employed full time as in-house counsel at a commercial enterprise or non-profit organization are eligible to join CounselCast as In-House Viewers. Part-time, virtual and temporary in-house counsel and attorneys employed by governmental entities are not eligible to join. CounselCast reviews every In-House Viewer registration request, and will decline requests by ineligible persons.

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